To compare surgical outcomes with three dyes, brilliant blue G (BBG), triamcinolone (TA) and indocyanine green (ICG), used to facilitate internal limiting membrane peeling during macular hole surgery.


This comparative, interventional cases series consisted of 30 eyes of 26 patients with senile idiopathic macular holes, who underwent 23 G vitrectomy with internal limiting membrane peeling. We compared the intraoperative surgical facilitation with the 3 dyes and the surgical outcomes in terms of macular hole closure and visual improvement at 9 months.


Of the 3 dyes, BBG appeared to provide greatest intraoperative facilitation: most convenient to use and remove, and similar to ICG in terms of internal limiting membrane staining. Six months postoperatively there were no statistical difference in macular hole closure. The BBG and TA groups also had a better final best-corrected visual acuity than ICG group (P = 0.05).


Brilliant blue G was comparable with TA in optimizing visual and functional outcomes, while it was similar to ICG in ease of internal limiting membrane peeling.