Nowadays cataract surgery is the most frequent eye procedure overall the world. In an experienced hand the complications are very limited. Neverthless, they happen and can even induce blindness.

Clinical Case:

The authors present one case of a patient with a cataract that was submited to a phaco with introduction of an I.O.L. in the posterior chamber. The procedure was complicated with posterior capsule rupture and vitreous prolapse controled during the surgery. Three weeks later, he came with loss of vision due to an extensive choroidal hemorrhage and rhegmatogenous retinal detachment. After the surgical treatment of the choroidal hemorrhage and retinal detachment he developed a very thick secondary macular pucker. We removed the silicone oil and we peeled the ERM and the ILM, with air tamponade. One month later, in the follow-up, we observed a new retinal detachment and another surgery (the fourth) was performed with success.


Complicated cataract surgery can induce to a cascade of complications. The vitreorretinal surgeon must have a lot of perseverence to try to avoid an irreversible blindness.

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