Cian Roberto, Tavolato Marco, Caretti Luigi, Galan Alessandro


To describe a new technique that allow to perform a complete vitrectomy with only two sclerotomy.


In this single center, interventional case series comprised 5 eyes of 5 patients with posterior pole disease (2 eyes with hemovitreous, 2 with diabetic retinopaty, 1 with macular hole stage 4) who had two port 23 gauge vitrectomy with slit lamp illumination. The infusion cannula was jumped between the two trocar depending from the zone need to be vitrectomized. This technique allow to perform a complete vitrectomy. Cataract surgery was performed at the same time only if the lens status didn’t allow to perform the vitrectomy. The follow up was 6 months. At the first and all follow-up examination, lens status, intraoperative and postoperative complication were recorded.


No intraoperative complications were noted. No detectable inflammation was noted in any eyes by 4 weeks postoperatively. Cataract formation was noted in 1 eyes (20%). No retinal detachment or endophtalmitis were noted.


23 gauge vitrectomy with jumping infusion is a safe and effective procedure for a complete vitrectomy.