Recurrent vitreous hemorrhage is common after vitrectomy which needs repeat surgery. Repeat intervention using standard technique is associated with considerable inflammatory response and delayed visual recovery that calls for a less invasive technique. The micro-invasive 30 gauge surgery for recurrent vitreous hemorrhage is safe, and effective.


In this pilot study seven eyes of six patients underwent two-port 30 gauge pars-plana surgery for recurrent vitreous hemorrhage after pars-plana vitrectomy. Vented-gas forced-infusion system maintained infusion flow and simultaneously hemorrhage from the vitreous cavity was removed using silicone oil removal device that was connected to the vitrectomy machine with the vacuum setting at 600 mm of Hg.

Effectiveness / Safety:

Surgical success achieved in all eyes (100%) without any complication. Postoperative inflammation noted minimal in all eyes.

Take home message:

30 gauge micro-invasive technique is safe and effective.