To report our results for macular hole using anterior chamber infusion during the reverse zonular flow “Reverse flow“ (personal technique) one port pars plana 27 gauge vitrectomy technique.


A retrospective analysis of 10 eyes which underwent re-flow one port 27 gauge vitrectomy with the infusion in the anterior chamber for macular hole. This technique was used to decrease the turbulence of fluids in the vitreous cavity and for the possibility of decreasing the number of scleral ports to one port in cases of simple vitrectomy. For these eyes we reviewed the functional outcome, anatomical outcome and the possible long-term complications.


All patients had the retina attached. One case with macular hole presented incomplete closure and rising edges of hole after 1 week and was treated with gas injection (SF6 50%, 2.5cc).


One Pars Plana Port-27 gauge with „Reflow“ is an effective and safe technique for macular hole, even in very thin approach.