Multiple techniques have been shown useful for fixating luxated or subluxated IOls without capsular support. Among them, scleral fixation of the IOL by means of a 27Gauge needle used to externalize the haptics without the necessity of creating a conjunctival opening nor a scleral tunnel, seem to be extremely useful if the patient has a three piece IOL with prolene haptics. Nevertheless the fact of leaving the haptic stucked in the superficial part of the sclera poses the risk of a conjunctival erosion with exposure of the haptic and the consequent risk of endophthalmitis. To minimize the risk of haptic exposure two small superficial scleral pockets are created in the sclera at the place of the 27g needle entrance to the eye. Then the needle enters the eye across this scleral pocket, so when the haptics are externalized and after burning of the tip of them in order to create a small bulb they can be hidden and stucked inside the pocket avoiding intraocular or subconjunctival migration.



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