Moderator: Anne-Catherine Gribomont

Tuesday, June 21, 2005


25g sutureless surgery for macular pucker

Author: A. Nikolakopoulos, I. Panidou, E. Fantel, E. Psimenidou, A. Vakalis

Abstract :


To present a new system for 25g sutureless vitrectomy using high vacum for a quicker and safer result.


In our clinic in Thessaloniki we are trying to modify our technique for macular surgery by using 25g instruments-pressurized infusion and high vacum to facilitate quick and safe results for macular surgery. Also we are presenting all the resent developments in laser 25g extended probes and methods of fluid perfluorocarbone and air exchange with 25g instruments.


In 35 cases we had no significant complication that was related to the evolution of this technique. On the other hand it was a much faster procedure always underlocal and we intend to use it in our day surgical program due to the quick rehabilitation.

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