Authors: Athanasios Nikolakopoulos, E. Fandel, K. Papadopoulou, I. Panidou, Thessaloniki, Greece


We present our technique of injecting silicone oil in a fast and easy way in complicated retina problems using only 25 G minimal invasive surgery.


The method is using all the abilities of the forced air injection VGFI and MED ONE special silicone oil 25 G injection sleeve. The concept is changing the fluidics in order to make full use of the above. After flattening the retina by subretinal fluid and air exchange, the air is set at 100 mmHg and the silicone oil is injected from the 11 o’clock port at 70 mmHg. The air pressure and silicone oil injection pressure are balanced in order to have a firm eye and gradual smooth fast silicone oil injection. Near the end of the injection, the air pressure is lowered and at the end is closed and when silicone oil is coming out instead of air the procedure is finished and all is done under constant visual control.

Effectiveness / Safety:

Our result in 125 cases proved that it is a repeatable, safe and quick procedure in order to overcome the problem that 25 G stops at silicone oil.