Authors: Levent Karabaş, Berna Özkan, Basak Doğu, Yusuf Çağlar, Kocaeli, Turkey


With the technique we described, it is possible to perform 23 gauge transconjunctival sutureless vitrectomy in cases with lens dislocation. Conjunctival dissection is not necessary in these cases without optimal capsular support for IOL implantation.


We performed 23 gauge transconjunctival PPV with posterior hyaloid separation, and then the dislocated lens was brought to the posterior chamber by filling the cavity with perfluorocarbon liquid. Anterior capsulotomy was performed in bimanual manner and the lens was removed by clear corneal phacoemulsification. A foldable IOL was fixated by iris suturation. In one of the cases, two iridoplasty sutures were performed to fix traumatic mydriasis.

Effectiveness / Safety:

During the operations and follow up of the patients there were no complications noted.
Visual acuities were excellent and postoperative appearances and patients’ comfort were reasonably good.

Take home message:

23 gauge vitrectomy and removal of dislocated lens via corneal phacoemulsification produces good cosmetic and functional results for dislocated lenses.