There will be 12 wet lab stations. A variety of V/R machines will be available.
12 working stations incl. microscopes
12 biom systems
all necessary disposables products
12 instrument sets
technical assistance during the wetlab (4 days, 4 staff members)
2 shipments of fresh pigs eyes
artificial eyes 
Both pigs’ eyes as well as artificial eyes will be used.
Each session will last 150 minutes and will have a maximum of two “students”.
Technicians from the manufacturing company of each machine used will be present as well as experienced EVRS instructors to answer questions, clear doubts and give surgical tips.


COURSE 1 (Beginners’ Course):
– Setting up instruments
– Introducing trocars
– Using BIOM
– Performing vitrectomy
– BSS/air exchange
– Air to BSS exchange
– Silicone oil introduction
– Dropped lens – vity frag, SLM removal from anterior segment
– Iris hooks, PI 
– ACIOL insertion 
– Sutured PCIOL 

– Retinal tear from PVD induction
– Retinal touch  –  cutter, light pipe, any other instrument
– Subretinal infusion, air, oil
– OIL/ PFCL direct exchange 


ALCON provides 3 Constellation systems and 3 Ngenuity systems, Geuder provides 3 megaTRON S4 HPS systems and Oertli also provides 3 OS3 systems.