Kourous A. Rezaei (Course Director)

Kourous A. Rezaei



When the Going Gets Tough The Tough Get Going
Challenging Cases in Vitreoretinal Surgery

Faculty: Antonio Ciardella, Italy; David Martins, Portugal; Jerzy Nawrocki, Poland; Sengul Ozdek, Turkey; Grazia Pertile, Italy & Malhar Soni, UK

Short Synopsis: Retina specialists often work in a “shark-infested” world. Unexpected events are a fact of life. Learning how “not to get bit” is an effective way to practice safely and efficiently. This course consists of video presentations describing challenging cases and unexpected events during retinal surgery. Faculty share their experience to predict, treat, and prevent unexpected outcomes during retinal detachment surgery, diabetic vitrectomy surgery, small gauge surgery, and complex vitreoretinal surgery. The pit falls associated with using perfluorocarbon liquid, silicone oil, and various intraocular gases will be discussed.