2017 Endophthalmitis Study

The 2017 EVRS Clinical Study is ENDOPHTHALMITIS.

The EVRS is conducting a study on post-op endophthalmitis to determine if the conclusions of the EVS study, published in 1995 but still guiding the treatment by many ophthalmologists, are still valid. Please help us complete this study by submitting your cases.

You can submit your way of treatment, your strategy, your decision-making process in endophthalmitis. All presentations on this subject will be grouped together in a session and discussed along with the EVRS Endophthalmitis Study results. Everybody is called upon to participate in this study. In doing so, you will not only participate in the largest study ever on Endophthalmitis but also learn a lot about the best strategy for this complicated condition.

Please send before April 30, 2017 your post-op ENDOPHTHALMITIS cases which you treated during the past 10 years.

Fill in the following questionnaire

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The EVRS ENDOPHTHALMITIS study was reviewed by the EVRS Ethical Committee.