16th EVRS Meeting

June 05-07, 2016

Grimaldi Forum / MONACO


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“Searching for the Right Way”



Download the Monaco Scientific Program Brochure here

Saturday, June 04

15:00 Registration Opens

19:30 Welcome Cocktail at the Monaco Yacht Club

Sunday, June 05

EVRS Qualifying Rounds


Imaging System

09:30 Wide Angle Fundus Imaging and Fluorescein Angiography for Evaluation and Management of Retinal Pathologies and Intraocular Tumors Ihab Saad Othman
09:55 Why Do I Use Swept Source OCT? Jerzy Nawrocki
10:15 Why Did I Buy Spectral Domain OCT Copernicus / Copernicus HR? Jerzy Nawrocki
10:40 Why Did I Choose Spectral Domain OCT? Zofia Michalewska
11:05 Imaging Vitreous, Retina & Choroid with Topcon Triton Swept Source OCT Angiography Massimo Nicolo
11:30 Why to Buy OCT Angiography AngioVue Antonio Ciardella
11:55 Endoscopy in Vitreoretinal Surgery: The Limits of the Invisible Ivan Tanev
12:05 Intraoperative OCT for Vitreomacular Interface Pathology Without Coloring Yaroslav Bayborodov

12:15 Lunch

Macular Edema

13:15 Microstructural Changes Depicted by OCT in DME: Insight into Pathomorphology and Tailored Management Abdallah Ellabban
13:55 Micropulse Contiguous Grid Laser for Diffuse DME Stephen Sinclair
14:05 Subthreshold Diode Micropulse Laser for the Treatment of Clinically Significant DME Less than 400 μ Ihab Saad Othman
14:30 Safety and Efficacy of Intravitreal Ocriplasmin in DME with Vitreomacular Adhesion Bernardete Pessoa

15:00 Coffee Break

15:30 The OCT Angiography in Diabetic Maculopathy Gabriel Coscas
15:55 Chronic Diffuse DME: The Role of Vitrectomy vs Intravitreal Therapy Pedro Neves
16:20 The Paradox of ILM Peeling: It Is Traumatic but it Works…Why ? Claude Boscher


17:00 Coats Disease: Management of Lipid Exudates by Trans-scleral Drainage, Triamcinolone Injection Followed by Laser Peripheral Ablation Ihab Saad Othman



09:30 Endophthalmitis: Immediate Intravitreal Antibiotic Only is What We Should Do Ahmed Sallam
09:55 You Have Got Endophthalmitis! What Next…??? Malhar Soni
10:05 Endoscopy-guided 20G PPV in Severe Endophthalmitis: Literature Review & Report of 18 Cases David Martiano & Loic Bazin
10:25 Intravitreal Levoxacin as Initial Treatment of Acute Exogenous Endophthalmitis Before PPV Andrij Sergienko
10:35 Ten Consecutive Cases of Endophthalmitis After IVT of Bevacizumab Susana Martinez
10:45 Endophthalmitis After Injections – A Transatlantic Controversy Silvia Bopp


11:05 Why Did I Choose Trypan Blue (Membrane Blue / Membrane Blue Dual)? Jerzy Nawrocki
11:30 ERM Negative Staining and Double Peeling with Brilliant Blue G David Martins
11:55 Why Did I Choose ILM Blue? Didier Ducournau

12:15 Lunch

Retinal Detachment

13:15 Rhegmatogenous RD: Basic Concepts and Surgical Strategy for Primary PPV Ferenc Kuhn
13:40 Customized Approach in RD in High Myopia Barbara Parolini
14:05 Individualized RD Strategy: PPV Is Not the «One Size Fits All™» Treatment Ahmed Sallam
14:30 Scleral Buckling, PPV & Pneumatic Retinopexy: An Individualised Approach Mostafa Elgohary

15:00 Coffee Break

Vitrectomy Machine

15:30 If I Could Develop an Ophthalmosurgical Machine…. Klaus Lucke
15:55 Why Did I Choose the Constellation? François Devin
16:20 Constellation: Small Gauge Surgery is a Real Progress Ivan Fiser
16:45 Stellaris PC: A Ventury Pump for Fellows in Training Guy L’Helgoual’ch, Hany Hamza
17:10 Choosing Between a Venturi & a Peristaltic Vitrectomy Machine is Like Choosing a Rear- or a Front-wheel Drive Car Philippe Koch
17:35 Select Your Vitrectomy Machine Parameters with EVA Didier Ducournau

Monday, June 06

EVRS Competition Sessions

08:00 Congress Opening

08:15 Macular Edema Moderated by Philippe Koch

EVRS Study team conducted by Agnieszka Nowosielska

IVTs team conducted by Manlio Nicoletti

Laser team conducted by Stephen Sinclair

10:15 Coffee Break

10:45 Macular Hole & Dye Moderated by Ihab Saad Othman

Trypan Blue team conducted by Ahmed Sallam

Coomassie Blue team conducted by Susana Martinez

Non Classical team conducted by Philippe Koch

Inverted team conducted by Zofia Michalewska

13:00 Lunch

14:00 Vitrectomy Machine Moderated by Klaus Lucke

Alcon team conducted by Ivan Fiser

EVA team conducted by Keith Warren

Bausch & Lomb team conducted by Guy L’Helgoual’ch

  • Stellaris PC: Endoscopy to Magnify the Procedure Guy L’Helgoual’ch

EVRS Friends Sessions

15:15 Duke University Symposium

Surgical Challenges

DUKE Course Monaco








Tamer Mahmoud, Durham, NC, USA (Duke) (Moderator)


Nur Acar, Turkey
Wilson Heriot, Australia
Makoto Inoue, Japan
Carsten Meyer, Germany
Leonardo Oliveira, Brazil
Fabio Patelli, Italy
Thomas Stone, USA
… and others

16:15 Coffee Break

16:45 Tell It Like It Is …

Advanced Vitreo Retinal Surgery Symposium


EVRS 2016_TILII_Advanced V-R Surgery








“Tell It Like It Is…” or “TILII” symposium will provide discussions with ‘guaranteed political incorrectness’ on various controversial vireo-retinal surgery topics.

Malhar Soni, UK (Moderator)


Jean-Paul Berrod, France
Abdhish Bhavsar, USA
Didier Ducournau, France
Ferenc Kuhn, USA
Klaus Lucke, Germany
Jerzy Nawrocki, Poland
Keith Warren, USA

Tuesday, June 07

EVRS Competition Sessions

08:00 Congress Opening

08:15 Retinal Detachment Moderated by Ahmed Sallam

EVRS Study team conducted by Jean-Paul Berrod

Systematic team conducted by Ferenc Kuhn

10:10 Coffee Break

10:45 Intra Ocular Lenses Moderated by Mostafa Elgohary & Manzar Saeed

Scleral Fixated team conducted by Alejandro Lavaque

Artisan team conducted by Matteo Forlini

Other team conducted by Philippe Koch

12:30 Relja Zivojnovic Award Ceremony – Award given posthumously to Cesare Forlini

13:00 Lunch

14:00 Age Related Macular Degeneration Moderated by Abdallah Ellabban

Tailored team conducted by Sengul Ozdek

Protocols team conducted by Perfecto Roy Cagampang & the audience

15:20 EVRS Members’ Survey — Presentation of the results

EVRS Floaters Study

Moderated by Barbara Parolini

17:00 – 18:00 General Assembly

19:30 Closing Dinner at the Summer Sporting (evening dress required)

EDITED FILMS – Cesare Forlini’s Film Festival