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Porto Scientific Program Brochure

Thursday, September 04

GPRV / EVRS Meeting

Myopia Moderated by Rufino Silva, João Nascimento

Myopic Maculopathy – A Review Ângela Carneiro
Myopic Choroidal Neovascularization Rita Flores
Progression of Myopic Maculopathy After Treatment of Myopic CNV Rufino Silva
Myopic Maculopathy José Maria Ruiz-Moreno

Case Reports in CNV (Different from AMD) Moderated by Ângela Carneiro, João Figueira

First Case: Fernanda Vaz
Second Case: Maria João Furtado
Third Case: Sara Vaz-Pereira
Fourth Case: Sofia Fonseca
Fifth Case: Susana Teixeira
Sixth Case: Ricardo Faria

Vitreo Macular Interface Moderated by Pita Negrão, Natália Ferreira, Carlos Neves

Tractional Myopic Maculopathy Carlos Mateo
Macular Hole and VMT in Fellow Eye…How to Approach? David Martins
The Role of OCT in Management of VMT Teresa Quintão
My Tips for Improved Outcomes in Macular Hole Surgery João Nascimento
Glaucoma and Vitreoretinal Interface Diseases João Paulo Castro Sousa

Miscellaneous Moderated by Angelina Meireles, Neves Martins, João Branco

Routine ILM Peeling for Macula off Retinal Detachment Nuno Gomes
Vitrectomy in Diabetic Macular Edema Rui Carvalho
New Applications for Microincision Vitrectomy Trocars João Figueira
Ocular Changes in Familial Amyloidotic Polyneuropathy Type I Natália Ferreira
The Timing of Vitrectomy in Severe Eye Injuries Ferenc Kuhn

Courses with Masters

Young EVRS Course: Treatment of DME Agnieszka Nowosielska
Course on Traumatology Cesare Forlini
Supra Scan 577 nm Micropulse Laser Course – Time for an Alternative Treatment for Macular Edemas and Other Retinopathies Frédéric Hamon, Victor Chong, Paula Scholz
Pathologic Myopia Course Silvia Bopp, Barbara Parolini

Wet AMD and CRVO : Optimizing the Management of Patients

Moderated by Frédéric Matonti

Retinaws 2014 at EVRS Directed by Kourous A. Rezaei

When the Going Gets Tough The Tough Get Going – A comprehensive video course on retinal misadventures in the operating room

Welcome Reception at the Conference Center

Friday, September 05

Congress Opening

My Way in the Anterior Segment

Moderated by Ahmed Sallam

My Way in Medical Retina

Moderated by Ron Adelman

My Way in Surgical Macular Edema

Moderated by Jerzy Nawrocki

My Way in Macular Hole Surgery

Moderated by Filipe Henriques

Saturday, September 06

Optic Pit

Moderated by Barbara Parolini

My Equipment

Moderated by Klaus Lucke

Industry Presentations

DORC Symposium

My Way with Other Surgeries

Moderated by Ihab Saad Othman

My Way of Thinking

Moderated by Zofia Michalewska

General Assembly

Gala Dinner at the Conference Center

Sunday, September 07

My Way in RD (External Procedure)

Moderated by Didier Ducournau

Relja Zivojnovic Award Ceremony — Presentation

My Way in RD (Intraocular Procedure)

Moderated by Giampaolo Gini

End of the Congress