Retrospective Movie

Sunday, September 16

Vitrectomy Session – Installation

Moderated by Roberto Cian

Vitrectomy Session – Infusion Line

Moderated by Klaus Lucke

Vitrectomy Session – Removing the Vitreous

Moderated by Jean-Paul Amar

Vitrectomy Session – Silicone

Moderated by Marcio Nehemy

Vitrectomy Session – Peeling

Moderated by Jerzy Nawrocki

Vitrectomy Session – Lenses

Moderated by Silvia Bopp

Monday, September 17

Vitrectomy Session – IOFB

Moderated by Ferenc Kuhn

Vitrectomy Session – Hemorrhages

Moderated by Jean-Paul Berrod

Vitrectomy Session – Subretinal Bubbles

Moderated by Colin McCannel

Vitrectomy Session – Closing the Sclerotomies

Moderated by Didier Ducournau

Tuesday, September 18

RD External Procedure Session

Moderated by Giampaolo Gini

Medical & Surgical Session

Moderated by Theodoros Potamitis

New Vessels Session

Moderated by Fred Hendrikse

Miscellaneous Session

Moderated by Masoud Soheilian