Zachariah Koshy, JR Murdoch


20 gauge instrumentation with the advantages of large bore fluidics, rigidity and range of instruments. Excellent wound closure and post operative tonus. Patient comfort. Time efficient. The results compare very well with conventional 20 gauge vitrectomy and 23/25 gauge vitrectomy.


Description of technique with video and illustrations. Results from audit of 120 consecutive cases illustrating case mix, intra and post operative complications and effectiveness of technique.

Effectiveness / Safety:

The audit of 120 cases reveals a good outcome in terms of complications and achieving the aims of surgery. There were four re-detachments, two supra-choroidal haemorrhages and one endophthalmitis. Intra-operative complications included minor sub-conjunctival haemorrhages and swelling. The surgical aims were achieved in all cases.