This study reports the effects of 1% topical Brinzolamide on macular oedema in glaucomatous pseudophakic eyes which have previously sustained vitrectomy and peeling of the internal limiting membrane (ILM).


In seven cases of glaucomatous pseudophakic eyes with previous vitrectomy and ILM peeling, chronic macular oedema occurred . There was not a good tonometric compensation with ß-blockers and no response to topical (NSAIDs) in each case. Steroids could not be used without the risk that the glaucoma might become worse.


With the aim of achieving a good tonometric control, therapy was shifted from ß-blockers alone to topical Brinzolamide 1% in association with ß-blockers. The patients who did not show any results after 1 month of therapy were accepted for treatment by Acetazolamide (250 tablets) and intravitreal injection of Bevacizumab. Four of these patients showed a reduction in macular thickness; the CMT was 383 µ (±34) at baseline decreasing to 250 µ (±25) by the third month. They also experienced a reduction in metamorphopsia on the Amsler grid and improvement in visual acuity, 6 ETDRS letters (±3).


Brinzolamide 1% showed promising results in a good percentage of this glaucomatous pseudophakic patients with previous ILM peeling.